Posted by: emitsorgroup | February 5, 2013

The multiple personality of my phone

#humanbehavior #personality #themes #ideas

Days ago, while looking at my YouTube subscription videos I rediscovered the great job some people is doing/has been doing for a long time on creating skins for android devices (phone or tablets), i.e. doing some job on “chameleon” android in such a way it looks and behaves like upcoming Ubuntu’s Phone or even Windows Phone and/or other platform devices. Just search for “theme android” on YouTube.

This remind me of the permanent need people have to customize their gadgets and OS’s, imprinting their own personality. This is pretty much understandable since our devices in some ways have been/have become an extension of our person and its sometimes awkward behaviors.

The many expression dimensions of our behavior (sometimes even artistic ones) need the corresponding image/realization on our devices. I think this very appealing reality has not been fully exploited by the current device manufacturers (physical/hardware and logical/software), although some accessory providers offer them.

I imagine myself in a not very much distant future, going out of the bed to take some orange juice and just by the force I apply to open the fridge, all those sensors on it discover the mood I’m today, so, my phone adjusts itself to a wild rocker theme/skin or maybe if my blood pressure is hi signaling my stress levels, sets to a relaxing nature’s scenes theme.

At this time, some companies have already approached into this need in some extent: Windows Phone offers you to switch between themed colors. Recent Blackberry phone offers the Enterprise/Job and Off-work profiles. This approaches don’t offer a true/full expression of the human behavior moods, just soft changes between options.

Those companies providing us with the devices and their OS’s should include a multiple personality on them as the way of themes or some other clever solution, giving us the option to switch the theme at any time depending on our mood; as of today by selecting an option and in the future automated by those sensors readings. This theming feature should also include some easy way to allow us select/include our own background images/styles without rooting the device.

Well, this are just mere ideas, and what ideas at the end are but just chemical reactions on our brain, which can be affected sometimes by the medication we may be taking or by too many coffee cups. Funny isn’t it?


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